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About us

Our purpose
Our goal is to make the expatriation process easy and no stressful. Therefore, we've worked very hard to build the 1st digital marketplace dedicated to the expatriate's community. Thanks to ISSOYO, expatriates have now a one-stop-shop to get all the services required and to collect all the necessary information from others expatriates. We want enable people to exchange living tips and recommendation safely with updated and verified information.
For instance, if you move to Singapore, you want to know where to know where to live, how to find an apartment, which school is good for your kids, is it far from your workplace, how to open bank account, which one is good and how to compare with others competitors. 
Don't worry, you'll find all the answers here and if not, we will research just for you. 
After being expatriates ourselves in Asia and Europe, we found out that all expatriates has the same needs and must set up a lot of services when they move: find an apartment, open a bank account, being insured, mobile phone, Internet at home, etc...
All this process required to deal with multiple service providers, fill in the same information in many forms and spend too many valuable time on Google to find the correct information. 
Now you read those words, this pain is over because WE MADE IT FOR YOU !
You will all the necessary contacts, information and offers on 



After +10 years in finance as CFO for multiple corporates in Europe, Nicolas is based in Dublin (Ireland) in charge of the user acquisition strategy for Europe region. 

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Coming from the banking industry, Mikael spent 15 years in corporate finance in Paris (France) and Seoul (South Korea) leaded the international expansion. He's now located in Singapore in charge of the overall operation across Asia.

Our team
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