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How to make the expatriation easier?

Updated: May 28, 2020

Moving to a new country is a wonderful experience, an opportunity to develop your own life as you wish and finally to find out your ability to develop an international mindset.

However, when you start the moving process, there are a lot of paperwork and admin stuff to do prior to discovering new landscapes. Indeed, you cannot move for a long time to another country (except within E.U.) just with a flight ticket. And here, starts a progressive heahache process where you must complete a lot of non valuable task in order to make your expatriation project possible:

  • Terminate your contracts in your home country

  • Provide all the required papers to get your visa which sometimes must be translated

  • Spent a lot of time on Google and Facebook to find out the way of life in your future country

  • Search and connect to local people to get living tips and experience sharing

  • List of all the services and contracts you must set up when arriving

Each time, you must provide separately the required documentation (which is usually the same) to multiple service providers (banking, immigration, telecom, insurance, housing, wifi, TV, schools, etc…)

You can easily imagine how painful it is without monitoring all the time you spent to clear this journey. That’s exactly what happened when we moved to South Korea and now to Singapore. I am sure it was the same for you and it was confirmed by a market research we made in 2018.

This justifies the relocation market existence. But, relocation services are mainly trusted by movers or real estate companies meaning they can assist only if you use them for their core purpose (moving furnitures or finding a house). Also, they mainly serve corporate employees as budget is available to pay all stakeholders. If you are a student or not a wealthy individual or does not have a support from your company, you are not a target customer for the large part of the relocation agents. Moreover, the industry is particularly paper-based with low tech process attached.

Therefore, we have worked very hard to build the relevant solution that fits to any profile and is mobile, digital, easy to use and FREE!!!

ISSOYO connects expatriates with the best local service providers for any matter. In less than 3 clicks, you will get an offer online or can submit any request for proposal. Our team will be happy to assist you anytime 24/7 all along your expatriation.

ISSOYO is available in more than 50 countries (depending on the service requested) in English and French with over 100 partners fully dedicated to the expat community. Obviously, it is just the beginning and we are going to develop many additional features shortly based on your wishes.

Thanks to ISSOYO, you have now a digital relocation advisor able to guide, help and assist because YOU MATTER TO US!

So relax now and enjoy our solution #happyexpat

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